Jason directed this trailer for Red Turnip Theater, a multi-award winning independent theater company in Manila, Philippines. Tribes is a play by Nina Raine.

This is 100% hand-made, using cut out paper for every frame of animation. It also uses Filipino Sign Language (FSL), since the play’s protagonist is deaf and uses PSL to communicate. The hands in the trailer belong to the lead actors’ Kalil Almonte and Angela Padilla.

In collaboration with Red Turnip and the extremely talented musical composer Teresa Barrozo, we crafted this trailer in less than three weeks to promote the opening of Red Turnip’s fourth season. Last May 12, 2017, Tribes won 5 Gawad Buhay Awards, the Philstage Awards for the Performing Arts — for Outstanding Stage Direction for a Play, Outstanding Ensemble Performance for a Play, Best Male Performance in a Play, Best Female Performance in a Play, and Outstanding Sound Design.


In this Behind The Scenes video, cut by Jenny Jamora, you can see the process behind the trailer.