MARIE JAMORA – Co-Editor / Post-Production Supervisor / Editor DVD and Blu-Ray Features

JASON McLAGAN – Stop-motion Animator / Additional Camera / DVD and Blu-Ray Layout & Design / Head of Shipping & Fulfillment / Assistant Editing for DVD and Blu-Ray Features


UPDATE! There will be a What Happened? spin-off series, a co-production between Lionsgate and Comic Con HQ. Marie and Jason are back on staff. More news to come soon!!


A documentary about the proposed Tim Burton/Nicolas Cage 1998 “Superman Lives” feature film that would have been the most original and strangest Superman movie students ever seen according to


The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened is a documentary feature where Marie was the Post-Production Supervisor and co-editor with director Jon Schnepp. Jason did the stop-motion Claymation animation for the Doomsday character, and also designed the DVD and Blu-Rays. It is now being distributed by Showtime.