MARIE JAMORA РDirector / Producer / Online Editor


Marie was the showrunner for the first season of this series, establishing the cast, crew, and tone of the show, overseeing the writers room, directing, and supervising post production for all 15 episodes. It won Honorable Mention for “Best Adaptation of an Existing Format” at the 14th Asian Television Awards.


All photographs by Marie taken with her old Nokia 6600.


All the episodes are BELOW.



EPISODE 1: Your Style

EPISODE 2: Fashion Legends

EPISODE 3: Urban Warfare

EPISODE 4: Transformers

EPISODE 5: Short-Sighted

EPISODE 6: Broken Vows

EPISODE 7: Uniform Decision

EPISODE 8: Romance Is Dead

EPISODE 9: Deconstruction

EPISODE 10: Indigenous Affairs

EPISODE 11: Terno Inferno

EPISODE 12: Reunion!

EPISODE 13: Best Cuts

EPISODE 14: Finale Espesyal! Part 1

EPISODE 15: The End Is The Beginning Is The End (Finale Espesyal Part 2)